David and Michelle Auge moved to Smithfield in September 2004. In 2011, following various experiences with gardening and other sustainable practice trends demonstrated in urban settings in Raleigh, Wake Forest and elsewhere, we decided to raise a small flock of chickens to provide our children with the experience of basic animal husbandry. After a quick search on MuniCode.com, we discovered to our disappointment that chickens (and all poultry) are expressly forbidden by the town.

Cary, Raleigh, Wake Forest, and many other towns and cities across the state and nation have recently permitted small flocks of well-kept urban chickens. The 2012 Raleigh Tour d’Coop was a walking tour of a number of high-end homes in comfortable, established neighborhoods with backyard chicken coops.

Raleigh owners of urban chicken flocks discuss raising sustainable, polite urban flocks:

We believe urban chickens can be an addition to the neighborhood rather than a detriment, and can be polite, quiet, clean, and above all environmentally friendly. Although the city council in June 2012 not to change the ordinance to permit urban chickens, we take hope from the recent ordinance change in Cary, NC after a four-year campaign, and seek to raise support for adopting a pro-chicken ordinance in Smithfield, NC!